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Bran Muffins *nom*nom*

Posted in concerts, food, recipes by MommyTaco on 28 June 2009

A while back, my Grammie made some of these muffins and I just had to snag the recipe off of her. I’m always looking for some way of making my daily food intake healthier. These are yummy and great for a snack any time of day. I like them best with some fruit & yogurt as a morning snack.

Since the recipe makes 12, you can certainly throw some of them into the freezer for up to a few weeks. This is a handy thing for someone who likes to do weekly or monthly prep-cooking on the weekends. 😉

-Bran Muffins-

1/2 cup + 2 tbs all-purpose flour

1/2 cup + 2 tbs whole wheat flour

1 tbsp baking powder

2 cups Kellogg’s All-Bran cereal (twigs, not buds)

1 1/4 cups fat-free milk

1 egg

1/4 cup vegetable oil

1. Pre-heat oven to 400°F. Spray 12 muffin-pan cups with cooking spray. Set aside.

2. Stir together flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. Set aside.

3. In large mixing bowl, combine cereal and milk. Leg stand about 5 minutes or until cereal softens.

4. Add egg and oil. Beat well. Add flour mixture, stirring only until combined.

5. Portion evenly into muffin cups. and bake about 20 minutes or until golden brown.

6. *OPTIONAL* Try adding some raisins and/or sprinkling muffins with brown sugar before baking.


[insert generic title here]

Posted in food, military, moving, parenting, travel by MommyTaco on 27 June 2009

so i realize that i created this thing exactly two weeks ago and this is now the first posting since said creation. i guess it’s going to take a little more effort than the last time i found myself dipping my toes into the blogging world.

not a whole lot going on around the Casa del Tacos, besides trying to keep my head in working order. my memory seems to be slipping these days and i’m relying all too heavily on other people to remind me i’m supposed to be doing something. if i’m lucky, i’ll remember to water the garden. one of these days there are going to be some squash, zuchinni, tomatoes, bell peppers and egg plants growing. i think the strawberries have decided to take a dump on me, there are absolutely no blooms on them anymore.

the Boy is being a true three-year-old, thinking the world revolves around him. he does whatever he pleases, whether it pleases me or not. reprimanding him doesn’t do a darned bit of good. i know a lot of it’s got to do with Daddy not being around to lay down the law and the Boy is taking advantage of Mommy. the first week or so after visiting Daddy in oklahoma was great, because he still had a bit of the fear left in him but it wasn’t long before he was back to making excuses and thinking he ruled the world.

we’ve potentially got about 4 months left until time for us to start packing up and move. no clue yet where we’ll have orders to, and i still have fingers crossed for one particular location. in the mean time i’ve got an appointment to meet with the realtor we’ll list the house with to try and get an idea of what needs done before listing and talk numbers. i know there’s not a lot of hope we can have for making much profit on the place considering we only bought it a year and a half ago but it’d be nice to still come up with a little bit of extra.

we’ll be visiting Daddy late next week for the holiday. it’ll be great to spend time with him but i was really hoping that he’d get to come home for the weekend rather than us doing the traveling again. whatev…i get to see my man and that is good enough for me. 🙂

back in black…er…brown

Posted in military, moving, parenting, travel by MommyTaco on 13 June 2009

After about a 3+ year hiatus, I’m coming back to the blogging community to document the absurdities of my brain.  Mostly I’m planning to use this as a gateway to family and friends to keep up with the things in my family’s life as we have recently rejoined the ranks of the United States military.

On a side note: I will personally bake brownies for anyone who can tell me what two songs are being played off of for my blog title and tagline.