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time keeps on tickin’ into the future

Posted in military, moving, technology, travel by MommyTaco on 12 July 2009

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post, and a lot has been going on. The Boy and I went to visit Hubby and spent the 4th of July holiday weekend with him. It was really great, since we got to spend every second with him. The last visit we only were able to get to spend time with him, it was only for a few hours at a time. We also got to spend his birthday with him, which was super cool.

The rest of the trip to El Paso was nice. We got the chance to hang out with a couple of friends that used to live & go to school down here. We visited their church too, which was good. It’s good to think that with the prospects of having El Paso to call our new home, having a place that we can worship in is something that will be top on our list of priorities. Also having friends that live there already is something to look forward to. Overall, I felt a lot more comfortable with the thoughts of living there, even though the base is HUGE and has a bunch of construction everywhere (on and off post) that just makes things even more confusing.

There’s very few things I look forward to during the summer time. Pools, valid excuses to eat massive quantities of ice cream (I get weird looks when eating it during the winter), tank tops & flip flops, and Big Brother. It’s just not the same as watching it sitting side by side with Megan but thank goodness for technology because to fill the void, we can still chat with each other while watching the show. The last three years we’ve just text messaged, and occasionally chatted during the show. But this summer we are incorporating the use of video chat, which is great except when the Boy is trying to run around acting his normal crazy self. I am not totally sure what I think about the house guests yet, but I’m kinda biased on having Jessie back in the house. He severely annoyed me last season and yet I’m kinda looking forward to his idiocies this season just to have someone to laugh at. Chima’s lips (well face in general, honestly) scare me. Laura seems like she may wind up being a female version of Jessie. Jeff actually does look pretty hott, and I’m super glad they haven’t let Braden have much air time.