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Posted in concerts, military, moving, music, travel by MommyTaco on 29 November 2009

(currently listening to: The Black Crowes: Before the Frost…Until the Freeze)

Yes, I do realize that it’s bad etiquette to point out how long it’s been since an update has been made to your own blog. But I’d rather point it out myself than have any of you start nagging at me. My apologies, been rather busy with things that don’t involve the computer. And that in itself is amazing!

I have continued the year’s running theme of concert-goings and had the most amazing opportunity to see The Black Crowes perform here in El Paso. Add another sprinkle of awesomeness in which I was able to see them with one of my BFFs, my Mindikins. I am so glad that she was able to come and just chill with me for a few days, and add another most-awesome-moment-in-life to our books together.

We have been blessed to spend the past two weeks with family. My mom and some of the in-laws came to visit for the hubs’ graduation from AIT. We also shared a week early Thanksgiving feast with my in-laws while they were here. Who says you can’t celebrate a day of thanks & togetherness a week earlier than the traditional occasion?

Hubs’ graduation came at a perfect time. He was allowed 10 days of leave before in-processing his new unit, and that leave had to be taken immediately. Fortunately in with that 10 day window was the Boy’s week off of school for the holiday, and after everyone left town we were able to head to Clovis to spend a week with family there. None of them (minus Mom’s trip to see us) had seen the hubs since he left for training in April, and I know that everyone enjoyed having the time together again. We were even lucky enough to have a friend offer to drive to Clovis and help us tow hubs’ truck back down to El Paso for us. He and his wife didn’t have any Thanksgiving plans, so they got to be adopted into the family for a day and enjoy a fine feast.

I don’t expect that anything will slow down around here in the months to come. Christmas is coming up soon, and I still don’t know what our plans will be for that. Time to face the music that Uncle Sam runs our schedule now and that we may not get to spend Christmas with family this year. Then comes the wondering if this holiday will be spent together next year, making this year’s holidays even more precious.

Ah, the military life where everything is beyond your control…and beyond your opinion. It’s a good thing that God knows what He’s doing, when it seems that nobody else does.