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half my heart is in… El Paso?

Posted in deployment, military by MommyTaco on 23 February 2010

D-day has crept up on us and gone. Yesterday we said “see you later” to Taco as he and his unit left for their deployment. We don’t ever say “goodbye” though, only “see you later” because we know that we WILL see him later.

Mother Nature decided to play a nasty joke and have a cold spell come through El Paso yesterday. Adding that to the wet weather we’d already had, and there were ice issues with their plane. Six hours of waiting after they bused up to get on their plane, they de-planed and went to spend the evening somewhere on post. When I talked to Taco on the phone, he had decided he was too tired to wait for them to acquire 200+ cots for everyone and was going to lay down to sleep on the tile floor.

I don’t know how it felt for them, I can only imagine that they all just wanted to hurry up and leave. I do know that it was a sad and even aggravating thing to go to bed alone knowing that my husband was still here, and hadn’t even left yet but couldn’t come to sleep at home.

One day down, approx 364 to go.



Posted in deployment, military by MommyTaco on 11 February 2010

I know it’s been ages since I have updated my blog, but bear with me a while longer. We’re prepping for D-Day, so time & motivation for blogging has really kicked the can.