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a time of celebration

Posted in Uncategorized by MommyTaco on 31 May 2010

A few years ago during a convo involving my husband’s amazing lack of memory for specific dates, I queried what my actual birth date is. After too many stabs at the wrong dates in May, he said in frustration, “Why can’t it be on an important day, like the 4th of July or St Patrick’s Day?” Mind you, his own birthday is the 4th of July and his brother’s is St Patrick’s Day. What followed was my asking what date St Patrick’s Day actually is, and him getting it wrong of course…and a reminder that every few years, my birthday DOES fall on a very important day – Memorial Day.

I honestly feel like this national holiday (and so many others) has lost so much of its original intent. Do people really think that our nation’s leaders put random dates on the calendar as excuses to take a 3 day weekend off work (if you’re fortunate to have that type of job) or make it an excuse to bar-b-que & drink it up with your friends/family? No, it’s a day of observance to honor the precious lives that were laid for the sake of our country’s freedom.

I am not suggesting that we all stop the bar-b-que & friend/family gatherings, but that we take extra care in remembering why we have the privelege of this time together with those we love. Use it as a celebration to honor the lives of the fallen and the freedom at which they died for.

wordy wednesday

Posted in Uncategorized by MommyTaco on 13 May 2010

When I was pregnant, and in my second round of blogging stages, I used to participate in Half-Naked Thursday posts. But that’s been a long time, and honestly you’re lucky to get a new post out of me once a month much less once a week. So I’m not going to jump on the Wordless Wednesday bandwagon just yet. Instead I will do a Wordy Wednesday post today…because it happens to be Wednesday and I have a lot to say since I haven’t posted in a while!

First item of business:
Thanks to all of those who participated in some way with my Military Spouse Appreciation Day (MSAD) Giveaway! Special thanks go out to Bethany, Sara and Tammy for hosting the giveaway on their blogs. Our lucky winners were announced on Military Spouse Appreciation Day to some very excited ladies! Congrats go out to Ashley, MeganDubyuh and WifeyofaSailor. Also on MSAD, Tammy hosted a MSAD Twitter Party where I sponsored one of the prizes. Congrats go out to Amy for winning a Scentsy Plug-in System!

Second item of business:
While we’re on the Scentsy topic, I am going to shamelessly congratulate myself on a couple of things. First, I was “promoted” in less than two months of becoming a Scentsy Independant Consultant. This is more or less a title change for me, but I have moved on from Newbie status, which is really exciting! I am now officially a “Certified Consultant!” Second, I acheived the Scentsational Start Level 1 recognition for having achieved a certain amount in sales within my first 70 days of being a consultant! This is a pretty big deal, and very exciting to me. But I really must thank all of YOU, my wonderful friends and family, for being so supportive and, all b.s. aside, for BUYING through me! I have truly been blessed with such enthusiastic customers and you should all be looking forward to the days ahead when I will be giving even more gifts to show my appreciation!

misc rambles:
The Boy is nearing the end of his first year of school, and my BABY is about to become a PreSchool Graduate! This is both exciting and nerve wrecking for me because I am so unbelievably proud of him, but this just means a whole summer break is coming up that I am going to have to figure out how to help pass the time for both of us now. I am so set in my routine of taking him to school and making only myself busy that it is going to be rough on me. As a previously-working-mother this kind of task is intimidating. I know some of you are probably thinking “you’re his mother, surely you know what to do with him!” but in reality it is a big adjustment for the both of us since I am not used to having him around so much. I already have several out-of-town ventures planned for us and when we are still in town, I plan to make great use of the local parks and summer activities around post and El Paso.

We are nearly 1/4 of the way through our deployment and all in all, time really has whizzed by. Taco’s R&R has been rescheduled almost a whole month earlier than original, which is bittersweet. Sweet that we will get to see him that much sooner but bitter because that it will be that much longer after he goes back. We’re trying to focus on the positive here though, aren’t we? 😛

Hell Paso is starting to live up to its nickname, the temps here are rising into the upper 90s and the frequently 3-digit summer is staring at me with big red eyes. uuuuuuuuugh.

MilSpouse Blog Hop

Posted in Uncategorized by MommyTaco on 1 May 2010

I’m a sucker for anything main stream. If my Twitter friends decided to go and jump off of a virtual bridge, you can bet your sweet ass I’d be right there with them! I saw in my Google Reader feed this morning that a lot of the ladies are doing this thing called a MilSpouse Blog Hop and how could I NOT join in on this fun?!

Hi, I’m the MommyTaco (aka Patty to those who know me IRL). I’m a 20-something mom/wife/artist living this exciting military life. The military is in my blood, so I suppose it’s only natural that I married into it. My Granddad served in the Army, my Grandpa served in the Navy – both during WWII. My Dad retired from the Air Force. What some don’t know about me is that my biggest dream in life was to also enlist into the Air Force. God had other plans apparently, because I grew up with a heart condition that kept me from being able to do much strenuous activity and I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have lasted a day in boot camp. Now that heart condition is no longer a worry and I have to be honest, not a day goes by that I don’t consider enlisting like I had always dreamed of.

I met my husband, Taco, thanks to God’s clever sense of humor, for the second time back in ’04. We discovered after we’d been dating for nearly a year that we had actually met years before that when he had been dating one of my old friends. Apparently we still had some personal growth to go through before we were “ready” to join up, and it’s all the more not to regret anything from our pasts since it was clearly a learning time that we both needed. One week ahead of our first dating anniversary we were married with the Boy (aka Taquito) cooking up in the deep fryer (aka my womb).

At the time we met/married, Taco was serving in the Air Force as an F16 crew chief/mechanic. All niceties aside, he got screwed out of re-enlisting due to his job being cut back with the phasing out of that aircraft from active duty service. Lack of support from those who should have been advising him about re-enlistment or cross-training caused him to be forced out of the service. We spent the next two years either struggling for him to re-enlist as prior service (a snowball has a better chance in Hell than for someone to re-enlist as prior service into the Air Force, apparently) or him having decided that no he didn’t want to go back in. Finally last year he felt the loud, clear, calling of the Lord to go back into the service and we were welcomed with open arms into the Army.

So here we are a full year into this new chapter of our lives. We have already met some of the most wonderful people that we would probably never have come into contact with if it hadn’t been for the military. I am very thankful that God has opened that door back up to us, and can’t wait to see what He’s got in store for us with it. Preferably something other than El Paso, but… I’m actually pretty happy here. Except for missing my man. And I’m sure my story will change once the summer rolls around with the >110°F temperatures.