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Parking Wars

Posted in military, moving by MommyTaco on 14 March 2013

Parking Wars

First of all: I live in Korea! WOAH! That pill has been swallowed, and – while bittersweet – the lump is starting to dissolve and we are slowly integrating into our new surroundings. Here is one of  the experience I feel worth documenting as my first “In Korea” blog post.

Between 0730-0800 is one of my new favorite times of day. Here in our new home, our livingroom window faces the parking lot of an apartment complex. It is a little hard to see, thanks to the window fence and power pole. (Click it, make it bigger!) There are some cars that are parked blocking other cars into their parking spaces. This, of course, is because there are not enough spots for everyone that lives there. I have never seen anything like this before. Where I come from, if you blocked a car in, you’d have half the neighborhood having their doors banged down until someone finds you to over your car. In Korea, they park it in neutral and whoever is blocked in just moves the car forward/backward so they are no longer blocked. This leads to a pretty entertaining morning as everyone seems to be leaving for school/work at the same time!

Also, check out the small distance left between the cars parked in the middle. Not a lot of room to pull out of your space and be able to turn and drive out, right? They can take what would be a 15-point turn around and knock it out in 3 or less! Something I have noticed in my Parking Wars watching is that Koreans are excellent at backing up their cars. They may not have a positive reputation for many things when it comes to vehicle operation, but I’ve got to give it to them – these people can reverse like it’s going out of style!

So that’s it…my first of what I hope to be many documentations of our new life. So far things are actually going pretty great, aside from missing friends/family like always. But no matter where in the world we go, we know we’ve got lots of love coming our way – and just remember, there’s a whole lot of love coming right back at you from us! ❤


MilSpouse Friday Fill-In vol 2 & 3

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I was on another one of my fabulous vacations last week and didn’t get time to pre-type the MilSpouse Friday Fill-In for last week, so this week’s post is going to be doing in two birds with one stone. Thanks again to the creator of this weekly meme, my awesome gal-pal, Wifey of a Sailor!

Week 2’s Questions:
1. Tell us about your dream job… one that you could do regardless of pay.
Serving in the military – and we all know how it isn’t the money that keeps most people in that kind of a job. I always wanted to enlist into the Air Force, but growing up with a heart condition (bicuspid aortic valve & distended aortic valve), I knew that was something that would probably never be able to happen. By the time we found out that I no longer have the distended aortic valve as a concern, we had created our little family. After Taco’s Air Force career was unexpectedly halted, I put a lot of serious thought into getting in shape to enlist myself. However, when he felt God’s calling and was brought back into the service, I knew that my place was still at home with our son. Yes, I know there are plenty of dual-service families out there, but I just don’t feel like that is what is intended for our family. I can’t imagine how difficult it was for Taco to answer the calling of returning to service, but I can tell you how hard it is to sacrifice that dream of my own for the sake of our family.

2. What is your most prized material possession (kids and pets don’t count!)?
My engagement/wedding rings & what they represent

3. What has been your favorite duty station and why?
I never in my life thought I’d say this, but Cannon AFB – my home base – where I was born, most-of-my-life raised, where Taco was stationed when we met, and where my family was/is while we were stationed there. Real life family aside, I actually miss the small-town of Clovis, where CAFB is at. As a teenager I was bored into trouble by it, but it truly is a great place for families. There is also a wonderful sense of community there, something that larger towns/cities lack. Ft Bliss was our first PCS away from there and has not yet become a favorite of any kind. 😉

4. What is your least favorite household chore?
I really don’t mind cleaning but the putting away of things, I hate. Like putting away cleaned laundry, or putting away of washed dishes.

5. If you could give one piece of advice to a teenager today (not specifically a MilTeen), what would it be?
Don’t be afraid of the “what ifs.” Those are the learning opportunities – NOT mistakes – you make in life. Not everything is going to turn out exactly as you envision, but don’t be afraid to chase your visions and watch them mold into new and better ones!

Week 3’s Questions:
1. What is your favorite household chore?
Call me crazy, but I love to clean & scrub the shit out of stuff. Nothing better than a sparkling shitter!

2. What is your favorite childhood memory?
Summers spent at my grandparents’ cabin in the mountains of Mora, New Mexico

3. What is your most embarrassing moment?
Not sure that it was embarrassing, definitely humiliating in a humbling kind of way…but when I went through the whole disaster that was breaking up with my boyfriend of almost 3 years, leaving myself without a place to stay and about 1200 miles from “home.” I wound up temporarily homeless, moneyless, clothesless, and quite unsure of myself. Thank God for good friends and family that I got what I needed to come out on top!

4. What uniform of your spouse’s is your favorite?
His birthday suit! Oh wait, you mean military uniform? Well, I suppose his ACUs…The dress uniform isn’t that flattering and it’s hard to get excited about running shorts and a tshirt.

5. What canceled TV show do you miss the most?
MadTV…when Taco and I started dating, we would hang out every day after I got off work and watch MadTV together before he had to go to work that night

MilSpouse Friday Fill-in #1

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One of my MilSpouse gal pals, Wifey of a Sailor, has started a new blogging topic called MilSpouse Friday Fill-ins. I really like this idea, as it is a great way to get to know some of my MilSpouse gals that I have become friends with thanks to the interwebs. I thought I’d take a few minutes to make my own post, while Taco is Farmvilling and The Boy is watching good ol educational television (thanks PBS!)

This week’s questions are:

1. How did you and your spouse/significant other meet?
Officially, we met on MySpace. After a few weeks of chatting via Yahoo! Messenger, we were both bored one Sunday afternoon and decided to hang out and go to a movie. It was nice because neither of us were remotely interested in getting into a relationship with anyone, so there was no stress-to-impress…we just wanted something to do besides sit in front of the computer. He showed me his tits while waiting for the movie to start (after I asked if he had any other piercings than his double labret). Apparently he liked me so much that he didn’t want to leave my presence, so we went to Arby’s for dinner afterwords, where they had run out of roast beef of all things. Though, if you are from Clovis, you know that this Arby’s is the most ridiculous Arby’s ever and it’s no surprise that they had run out of the beef. Since that day, we were nearly inseparable and besides the military taking him on adventures away from me, I can count on one hand the number of times that we have been apart.

The funny part about how we met comes that about 9 months into our relationship we realized that we had met in the past. In my pre-Chicago waitressing days, I worked with and was very good friends with his ex-girlfriend. Of course, they were dating at the time, and I was in a long-term, long-distance relationship, so neither of us really paid attention to each other. But I do remember having hung out in his dorm/barracks room with her while he was gone to work and having taken her to visit him at work to bum some money for smokes. I like to think that he stayed stationed at Cannon AFB waiting for me to come back from my “learning experience” in Chicago…it just took a year for either of us to find each other again. 🙂

2. What is the best thing about being a MilSpouse?
The best thing about being a MilSpouse is the amazing people that we get to meet along our journeys. Some are amazing in a not-so-pleasant way but most are amazing people that will continue to touch your life even after you have moved on. Some are also people that you may never meet in person but the wonders of technology and the internet have brought us together. The bonds formed with these fellow MilSpouses are like no other, and as much as our civilian friends try to, no one else can truly relate to the struggles that we face as a MilSpouse.

3. What is the hardest thing about being a MilSpouse?
Obviously having to spend great lengths of time with your other half living on the other side of the planet or gone for training 75% of the time they are “at home.” But second to that, is leaving behind the aforementioned friendships. I am sad as heck when Taco leaves but I know that in the end, he is coming home to me. But when friends move or we move away from our friends, I think it’s difficult on another level because who knows if or when we will get to see those friends again?

4. What is your favorite dish?
it’s a toss-up between baked mac & cheese or chicken & dumplings (rolled shortening dumplings only)

5. If you could change one thing in this world, what would it be?
Invention of teleport machines so that we can still visit our friends who have moved away without breaking the bank

born to move

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moving boxes currently listening to: “Born to Move” by Creedence Clearwater Revival; img courtesy a Google image search

One of the few guarantees in the military life is that you will have to move at some point in your career. Ironic that something involving change is one of those few constants in the unpredictable life of a military family.

My husband spent his entire Air Force enlistment assigned to one duty station. Training, TDY’s and deployments aside, he spent about 6 years at one base. That is not normal. I don’t think he complained much because he will be the first to tell you that he HATES moving. However, over the course of our time together (including dating time) we have moved every. single. year. In our nearly 6 years together, be it apartment or house, we are now living in location/home number 6. Only one of these moves was actually relevant to a PCS, but WOW! Our 4 year old son has lived in 5 different dwelling spots. That’s more locations than the number of years he is old!

One of the reasons that I decided to stay in El Paso while Taco is deployed was that we just moved here not even 6 months before he left. Certainly, the desire just wasn’t there to have to pack up all of our stuff into storage so that we could go stay with my family for the next year. But also because I didn’t want to uproot The Boy again by moving. Unfortunately, deployments are another one of those inevitable things in the military life and something that we’ve just got to put on our big girl panties and deal with…whether I’m 5 hours’ drive from family or an ocean away.

To finally get to the point of this post: for a few days now, The Boy has taken to telling me that “this house is old” and “we have lived here too long.” And I have to wonder – was this child born to move? Will he go stir crazy here before we hit our first ever full year in one house? What about actually spending Christmas in the same house as the last year’s? That will feel weird, even to me.

it’s like this and like that and like this and uh

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(currently listening to: The Black Crowes: Before the Frost…Until the Freeze)

Yes, I do realize that it’s bad etiquette to point out how long it’s been since an update has been made to your own blog. But I’d rather point it out myself than have any of you start nagging at me. My apologies, been rather busy with things that don’t involve the computer. And that in itself is amazing!

I have continued the year’s running theme of concert-goings and had the most amazing opportunity to see The Black Crowes perform here in El Paso. Add another sprinkle of awesomeness in which I was able to see them with one of my BFFs, my Mindikins. I am so glad that she was able to come and just chill with me for a few days, and add another most-awesome-moment-in-life to our books together.

We have been blessed to spend the past two weeks with family. My mom and some of the in-laws came to visit for the hubs’ graduation from AIT. We also shared a week early Thanksgiving feast with my in-laws while they were here. Who says you can’t celebrate a day of thanks & togetherness a week earlier than the traditional occasion?

Hubs’ graduation came at a perfect time. He was allowed 10 days of leave before in-processing his new unit, and that leave had to be taken immediately. Fortunately in with that 10 day window was the Boy’s week off of school for the holiday, and after everyone left town we were able to head to Clovis to spend a week with family there. None of them (minus Mom’s trip to see us) had seen the hubs since he left for training in April, and I know that everyone enjoyed having the time together again. We were even lucky enough to have a friend offer to drive to Clovis and help us tow hubs’ truck back down to El Paso for us. He and his wife didn’t have any Thanksgiving plans, so they got to be adopted into the family for a day and enjoy a fine feast.

I don’t expect that anything will slow down around here in the months to come. Christmas is coming up soon, and I still don’t know what our plans will be for that. Time to face the music that Uncle Sam runs our schedule now and that we may not get to spend Christmas with family this year. Then comes the wondering if this holiday will be spent together next year, making this year’s holidays even more precious.

Ah, the military life where everything is beyond your control…and beyond your opinion. It’s a good thing that God knows what He’s doing, when it seems that nobody else does.

coming to you live, from near-Mexico

Posted in military, moving by MommyTaco on 29 September 2009

I can’t even remember the last time I updated this thing, but I do know it’s been a hot minute. Things have been mighty busy in the life of the Taco family. We are all located at our new home and trying to get settled in as best as we can. El Paso is considerably bigger than what I am used to but I’m getting the hang of it.

It’s kinda weird getting up at the same time in the morning as I used to, but not having a “job” to go to. I’ve been getting up early to do the wife thing and either take Taco to work or try to make sure he’s got everything he needs before the guys come to pick him up. Most mornings I just go back to sleep after he’s sent off, but then I feel like a lazy bum when I wake up 4-5 hours later. So I’m going to work on staying awake, and enjoy the quiet time I have until the boy is up for the day. Of course, he is still adjusting to the new place so any little noise will wake him up and I have to lay him down in bed with me and pretend to go back to sleep. Tricky, tricky!

There are a lot of things that I miss from home. Part of the weird feeling when I’m awake this early is not going back to my old job at Cummins. I miss my friends there and, believe it or not, the job itself. I do still wish there was some way for me to have continued working for them from down here but I guess nothing ever came of that after I left.

More than anything, I miss my family. My sister and I got to take a few days to gallivant around the central side of Texas before I returned to El Paso with the boy. That was fun and I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to parade around somewhere. But it’s hard to swallow the fact that my family isn’t just a drive across town anymore. It’s harder to explain that to the boy too, when he asks if he can go to his Marmie’s house or to Amy’s Pizza Hut…and the lump in my throat just swells even more when I think of being so far away from my grandparents.

As difficult as it may be to be away from family, I know that we’re still doing what’s right for our family and what God has set out for us to do. Taco is continuing on in his mission with the military and my new mission is to be here taking care of the home and supporting him in any way possible. After a long hard week in the field last week, we invited the guys over for dinner and drinks. I can’t begin to tell you how it feels to know how much they appreciated such an effort – you would be surprised what a home-cooked meal, a couch, some smokes and a case of beer can do for a soldier’s spirit. Along with supporting my husband, I have adopted his friends into the family and will do whatever I can to give them the comforts of home when they are so far away from theirs.

God bless America, and the troops that stand behind Her! ❤

time keeps on tickin’ into the future

Posted in military, moving, technology, travel by MommyTaco on 12 July 2009

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post, and a lot has been going on. The Boy and I went to visit Hubby and spent the 4th of July holiday weekend with him. It was really great, since we got to spend every second with him. The last visit we only were able to get to spend time with him, it was only for a few hours at a time. We also got to spend his birthday with him, which was super cool.

The rest of the trip to El Paso was nice. We got the chance to hang out with a couple of friends that used to live & go to school down here. We visited their church too, which was good. It’s good to think that with the prospects of having El Paso to call our new home, having a place that we can worship in is something that will be top on our list of priorities. Also having friends that live there already is something to look forward to. Overall, I felt a lot more comfortable with the thoughts of living there, even though the base is HUGE and has a bunch of construction everywhere (on and off post) that just makes things even more confusing.

There’s very few things I look forward to during the summer time. Pools, valid excuses to eat massive quantities of ice cream (I get weird looks when eating it during the winter), tank tops & flip flops, and Big Brother. It’s just not the same as watching it sitting side by side with Megan but thank goodness for technology because to fill the void, we can still chat with each other while watching the show. The last three years we’ve just text messaged, and occasionally chatted during the show. But this summer we are incorporating the use of video chat, which is great except when the Boy is trying to run around acting his normal crazy self. I am not totally sure what I think about the house guests yet, but I’m kinda biased on having Jessie back in the house. He severely annoyed me last season and yet I’m kinda looking forward to his idiocies this season just to have someone to laugh at. Chima’s lips (well face in general, honestly) scare me. Laura seems like she may wind up being a female version of Jessie. Jeff actually does look pretty hott, and I’m super glad they haven’t let Braden have much air time.

[insert generic title here]

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so i realize that i created this thing exactly two weeks ago and this is now the first posting since said creation. i guess it’s going to take a little more effort than the last time i found myself dipping my toes into the blogging world.

not a whole lot going on around the Casa del Tacos, besides trying to keep my head in working order. my memory seems to be slipping these days and i’m relying all too heavily on other people to remind me i’m supposed to be doing something. if i’m lucky, i’ll remember to water the garden. one of these days there are going to be some squash, zuchinni, tomatoes, bell peppers and egg plants growing. i think the strawberries have decided to take a dump on me, there are absolutely no blooms on them anymore.

the Boy is being a true three-year-old, thinking the world revolves around him. he does whatever he pleases, whether it pleases me or not. reprimanding him doesn’t do a darned bit of good. i know a lot of it’s got to do with Daddy not being around to lay down the law and the Boy is taking advantage of Mommy. the first week or so after visiting Daddy in oklahoma was great, because he still had a bit of the fear left in him but it wasn’t long before he was back to making excuses and thinking he ruled the world.

we’ve potentially got about 4 months left until time for us to start packing up and move. no clue yet where we’ll have orders to, and i still have fingers crossed for one particular location. in the mean time i’ve got an appointment to meet with the realtor we’ll list the house with to try and get an idea of what needs done before listing and talk numbers. i know there’s not a lot of hope we can have for making much profit on the place considering we only bought it a year and a half ago but it’d be nice to still come up with a little bit of extra.

we’ll be visiting Daddy late next week for the holiday. it’ll be great to spend time with him but i was really hoping that he’d get to come home for the weekend rather than us doing the traveling again. whatev…i get to see my man and that is good enough for me. 🙂

back in black…er…brown

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After about a 3+ year hiatus, I’m coming back to the blogging community to document the absurdities of my brain.  Mostly I’m planning to use this as a gateway to family and friends to keep up with the things in my family’s life as we have recently rejoined the ranks of the United States military.

On a side note: I will personally bake brownies for anyone who can tell me what two songs are being played off of for my blog title and tagline.